In the realm of code and creativity, I weave stories, bring dreams to life, and uncover opportunities.

software developer

Jeremy-Percy Batten

Jeremy-Percy Batten

With a profound love for developing web applications, I take great joy in sharing my expertise in software development and leadership. Contributing to the entire product lifecycle and assisting rapidly growing companies in achieving success is my passion. Let’s collaborate to drive innovation and growth together! 🚀



Web development

Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of working with a diverse array of technologies and websites, ranging from dynamic e-commerce platforms to innovative creative sites and intuitive user dashboards. Enabling me to lay strong project foundations and seamlessly integrate third-party libraries and services. Whether independently spearheading projects or seamlessly integrating into existing developer teams.



Techical direction

With my profound expertise in web development, I passionately guide clients in choosing the perfect frameworks, languages, and tools. I work hand-in-hand with them, crafting scalable, future-proof technical strategies that deliver extraordinary user experiences.


Technical consultancy

As a technical consultant, I am dedicated to empowering my clients to make visionary decisions and revolutionize their technological strategies. I immerse myself in their unique challenges and aspirations, passionately crafting bespoke recommendations that propel them toward unparalleled success.